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California climate change summit

A UN gathering on climate change is scheduled for next month in Poland. But California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't waiting. Today, he welcomed hundreds of high-ranking officials for a climate change summit in Beverly Hills.

Lifestyle & Belief

Geo quiz/global hit

For today's Geo Quiz we asked which one of the following ISN'T an actual town in the United States. Arabia, Nebraska -- Bagdad, California -- Cairo, Illinois -- Mecca, Indiana -- Palestine, Texas. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Jonathan Curiel about discovering traces of Arab and Islamic culture in unexpected places here in the US.

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Global Hit

Hip hop artist Joaquin Santos is from San Diego but he has strong family ties to El Salvador. His solo album, Salva Vida, tackles the social, political and economic problems plaguing the Central American nation.


Renewed interest in learning Japanese

As a global power, Japan is fading, but increasing numbers of people outside the country are opting to learn Japanese. What's fueling the new interest is a growing obsession with Japanese Manga comics and Japanese animation.