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Suicide bombing in Israel

The World's Quil Lawrence reports that a suicide bomber attacked a shopping mall in southern Israel today and an Israeli woman was killed by the blast, and police shot and killed a second would-be bomber


Changes in Saudi Arabia

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with correspondent Kate Seelye about the strict rules that govern daily life in Saudi Arabia, and how some of those rules are being relaxed by the country's conservative rulers.

Basra's significance

The World's Matthew Bell reports on how the battle against militias in Basra could affect the U-S military effort throughout Iraq.


Senate hearing on Iraq

The World's Jason Margolis reports on today's hearing on Iraq before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as the committee heard a bleak assessment of the security situation in Iraq.

Iraq bombings

Host Lisa Mullins gets the latest on the bombings that killed at least 70 people in Iraq today from the BBC's Crispin Thorold; Sunni insurgents are suspected of being responsible for the violence.


Lebanon tensions rise

The World's Aaron Schachter reports from Beirut that tensions rose dramatically today between Lebanon's two main rival political blocks and parts of Beirut were shut down by barricades and gun battles.