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Obama gets a mixed review in Ghana

Many Africans were euphoric over the inauguration of President Obama. On his visit to Accra last year, the President said ?great days lie ahead for Ghana.? Now some Ghanaians say they're still waiting to see whether the President can improve their lives.


Medical challenges in Haiti

Reporter Sheri Fink, who's also a medical doctor, has been traveling around Port-au-Prince. She's following the work of one of the ?disaster medical assistance teams? that the US Department of Health and Human Services sent to Haiti.


Rebuilding Haiti's job market

The BBC's Nick Davis reports from Haiti on efforts to create jobs in the quake-stricken nation. Many say job creation is a key part of Haiti's recovery from last month's devastating earthquake.


Iran's domestic turmoil

Iran's government is fighting domestic opposition. The opposition movement is having to adjust as the authorities have stepped up their crackdown. That's according to Kelly Golnoush Niknejad. She's the Editor of Tehran Bureau.

Conflict & Justice

British passport mystery

The murder of a Palestinian militant in Dubai has triggered a diplomatic dust-up between Britain and Israel. The British government wants to know why some members of the hit quad involved carried fake British passports. The World's Laura Lynch reports.