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Mumbai attacks

Anchor Ken Bader speaks with Mumbai reporter Nikhil Dixit about the attacks in Mumbai, India, today. Dozens of people were killed when gunmen opened fire at several locations in the city, including hotels and other places popular with foreign tourists.

Mumbai attacks update

Anchor Ken Bader speaks with the BBC's Rahul Tandon outside the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, about the still chaotic scene in Mumbai, India, after yesterday's terrorist attacks. Authorities say more than 100 people died when gunmen opened fire in coordinated attacks throughout India's financial capital.

Conflict & Justice

Mumbai report

Chaos and confusion in Mumbai has made it difficult to get solid information about the attackers. A previously unknown militant group has claimed responsibility. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Mumbai attacks

We'll have the latest on the attacks in Mumbai. Anchor David Baron speaks with the BBC's Karishma Vaswani, who witnessed the end of the siege at a Jewish Center.

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India mood

Anchor David Baron speaks with MJ Akbar, an independent journalist and author about a mood of fear and anger in India in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.