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Climate change threatens Egyptian delta

Climate change and rising sea levels are a growing threats to Egypt's fertile Nile delta. Some Egyptians are pushing for drastic action to protect the delta but the government doesn't seem interested. Correspondent Ursula Lindsay reports from Alexandria.

Conflict & Justice

US Afghanistan commander fired

The top US military commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, has been dismissed by President Barack Obama after he criticized leading administration officials. Jeb Sharp talks with Scott Wilson, White House Reporter for the Washington Post.


British ad mogul donates artworks

The British advertising tycoon and art collector Charles Saatchi is donating more than 200 modern works AND the Saatchi Gallery in London to the British government. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Richard Cork, art critic for The Times of London.


Geo quiz

Today's Geo Quiz harks back to the Cold War. We're looking for the name of a bridge that spans the Havel River in Germany. It's nicknamed the 'Bridge of Spies.'