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British bell manufacturer enjoying rush of fame in advance of Queen's jubilee, Olympics

The Whitechapel Foundry has been making bells for more than four centuries. They've made the bell atop Big Ben, in Westminster Abby and a host of less prominent ones as well. Now, the foundry's employees are enjoying some very high-profile work -- a series of bells for Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee and another bell for the Olympics.

War, religious-themed restaurants in Ukraine spark controversy

Yurko Nazaruk opened a restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine that is designed to look like the sort of underground bunkers used by insurgents during World War II. It was so successful he opened one that's themed after the country's Jewish community, all but wiped out during the war, Lviv-born writer Leopold van Sacher Masoch, who lent his name to masochism. But not everyone is pleased.