IKEA creates modular shelters for refugees

IKEA, famous for the quirky and cheap furniture they design in Sweden and sell all over the world, is heading in a new direction. Recently, they've been working in partnership with the United Nations to build cheap homes for refugees -- homes that are quick and easy to assemble, but functional.

2012 in review: These stories captured your interest most

As we ring in 2013, it's worth taking a moment to look back on 2012. These stories were the most popular on this year — and they run the gamut. From animals to weird science, the audience proved, again, they you all go for variety.

Young New Yorkers form club for adventurous eaters

Ever eaten a Balut? How about eyeballs? Or maybe a blood dinner? Those are just a few of the gourmet specialties enjoyed by New York's club of Gastronauts, who aim to expand their cultural palates through culinary exploration.

Company in Prague turns to homeless people to show city's less-seen side

Prague is a major tourist draw in Europe's Czech Republic. But, like much of Europe, the city and country have its share of economic problems, which are contributing to a rise in homelessness. But one tourism company is harnessing that and hiring the homeless as tour guides. And they have a distinctly different point of view.

American cars a sign of status, admiration in Kosovo

The United States is held in high regard in Kosovo because of its role in supporting the former Serbian province's bid for independence. So, for many Kosovars, having a beefy American muscle car is a high sign of status. So much so that Kosovars living abroad, even in the U.S., often bring their cars home with them on vacation.

Ukrainian Sleeping Beauty art exhibit seeks to awaken political slumber

Ukraine is in turmoil as political opposition is silenced. One artist chose to illustrate that turmoil, or waiting, with a unique art exhibition that involves women serving in the role of Sleeping Beauties, waiting for the right man to kiss them. If they open their eyes, they agree to marry the man who kissed them.