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Inside Gay Pakistan

It's a country where sex outside marriage is illegal, and gay sexual activity is punishable by death but freelance reporter Mobeen Azhar has just completed a documentary on gay subcultures in Pakistan. He has discovered a more complex reality.


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From babes to babushkas

Russia is known for its beautiful women. Many have reached supermodel status. But there's another phenomenom in Russia: slim elegant beauties aging fairly quickly into plump babushkas. How does it happen? Reporter Jessica Golloher decided to find out.

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Life in Iraq

For the Iraqi people, life might be less dangerous now than it was at the height of the insurgency. But it's still a daily challenge. Reporter Farnaz Fassihi covered Iraq for the Wall Street Journal from 2002 to 2006.


The Price of Colombian Coal

The U.S. imports a lot of coal from Colombia, and the life of a coal miner there is hard, to say the least. But the miners are not the only ones who are impacted by Colombia's coal-mining industry. Steven Dudley reports for PRI's The World.

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Swine flu in Mexico

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Jorge Milke a businessman who lives just outside Mexico City about how life for him and his family has been altered over the last few days since the outbreak of the swine flu.

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Not enough time

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Simon Chapple, editor of a report released today by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that looked at what people in 18 nations do with their time - and how much of it is spent on leisure activities.