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Conflict & Justice

Why are Chemical Weapons Worse?

As the Obama administration debates how to respond to the chemical weapons attack in Syria last week, we ask why chemical weapons are seen with such abhorrence. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Peter Beinart, senior political writer with the Daily Beast.

Global Politics

The Debate Over Intervening in Syria

Reports of chemical weapon use in Syria have reignited the debate over a possible US or Western intervention in Syria's civil war. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with two Syrian emigres, Dr. Rim Turkmani in London and Professor Amr al-Azm in Ohio.


Global Politics

The new missile defense strategy

Stanford University professor David Holloway authored a report on Iran's nuclear and missile potential that influenced the changes in President Obama's missile defense plan. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Holloway about the new plan.

Global Politics

Middle East and nukes

Iran's nuclear posturing has inspired some of its neighbors to pursue their own nuclear programs. Some experts say such programs could provide cover for the development of nuclear weapons in the region. The World's Aaron Schachter has the story.

Global Politics

Iran reveals a secret nuclear plant

Iran has revealed it's developing a second uranium enrichment plant. Until now it's acknowledged only one. President Obama called on Tehran today to open the facility international inspectors. The World's Katy Clark has the story.