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Translating Hollywood

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with collector Sam Sarowitz about the different ways Hollywood posters are adapted to market films oversees; Sarowitz is the author of a new book on the subject, "Translating Hollywood."

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Geo answer

For our Geo Quiz, we're looking for Nepal's largest city. The answer is Kathmandu. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with California art collector Michelle Page about local Nepali artists who specialize in painting portraits of dogs for American pet owners.

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Korean abstract art

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Park Seo-Bo, the artist known as "the father of Korean abstract painting;� the 77 year-old artist currently has his first ever exhibit in New York City.

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On the Beach

Wall-sized color photographs of water, sky, sand, and bathers make up Richard Misrach's series On the Beach. Studio 360's Sarah Lilley discovered that Misrach's photos are more complicated than they look.

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Geo answer interview: Reykjavik

For our Geo Quiz today we asked you to name the world's most northern national capital, where the city's modern art festival is now underway. The answer is Reykjavik, Iceland. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with travel writer Tom Haines for a quick survey of the sights and sounds at the "experimental marathon" exhibition underway at the Reykjavík Art Museum.

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The Art Market Goes Global

The global credit squeeze has created all kinds of economic jitters, so why hasn't it reached the art market? Kurt talks with Andr-s Sz-ntó, senior lecturer at the Sotheby's Institute of Art and a co-founder of, about the relationship between money and the big-time art world. Plus, dealers at the AIPAD Photography show weigh in.