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Simon Doonan

He started out designing window displays at Barneys, a posh department store for the fashion-forward. In his new book, Eccentric Glamour, Doonan argues that oddballs have more fun. Doonan takes Kurt on a spin through Menswear to try on some new looks.

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Bill Wood's Business

Diane Keaton has a passion for photography. Her latest find is the work Bill Wood, a commercial photographer from Texas who shot the everyday people and places of Ft. Worth, Texas during the 1950s and 60s. From 20,000 negatives, she and her collaborator Marvin Heiferman selected pictures for a new book and museum exhibit. Kurt talks with Diane and Marvin about Bill Wood's Business.

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Edible Estates

The artist Fritz Haeg has been digging up and transforming front lawns from Kansas to California. His art project is called "Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn." Studio 360's Julie Burstein found out that one of Haeg's edible estates is just blocks from her house -- she and the artist toured the neighborhood. With production by Andrea Silenzi.

Conflict & Justice

Teddy Cruz

The work of the San Diego architect takes its cues from the "informal design" (that's another way of saying "shantytowns") of Tijuana. But selling his radical designs to new immigrants is a challenge; they tend to want a house with a white picket fence. Studio 360's Peter Crimmins crossed the border with Cruz to find out more.

Arts, Culture & Media

Sunday in the Park

The Tony-nominated revival of Steven Sondheim's musical "Sunday in the Park with George" is shaking up the theatre world with how it uses video projections and other high-tech effects to tell the story. Produced by Jocelyn Gonzales.