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Why So Angry?

John Silber has titled his new book Architecture of the Absurd: How ?Genius? Disfigured a Practical Art. When he was the president of Boston University, he dealt with a lot of building projects and he's been known to rail against excesses in architectural cost and design. Silber tells Kurt about the first time he walked into architect Frank Gehry's Stata Center at MIT. He sure was mad!

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Art heist

Faith talks to Thomas Hoving, former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, about the spate of million-dollar art heists that took place in Zurich recently.

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Fiona Does Fashion

Twice a year in New York, clothing designers from around the world show their new collections to magazine editors, buyers, and celebrities. Studio 360 sent the off-kilter correspondent who goes by Fiona Chutney (performed by actress and writer Iris Bahr) to the tents at Bryant Park, where she cornered supermodel Tyson Beckford and costume designer Patricia Field, and tried to find something to wear for that special date.

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Guerra de la Paz

Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are a pair of artists who live and work together in Miami. Their vibrant, room-sized installations look like hallucinations of landscapes -? and they are all built from discarded clothing. The duo keeps their garment source a secret, but they let Alicia Zuckerman tag along as they gather material for a new piece.

Conflict & Justice

African-American comic strips

Cartoonist Darrin Bell talks to Faith about an event he's organizing to bring attention to the scarcity of black cartoonists in newspapers and the de facto quota system editors employ on comics pages.