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Cartooning Egypt's Turmoil

Political cartoonists are registering their own opinions on the ouster of Mohammed Morsi's by Egypt's military. The World's Cartoon and Satire Editor Carol Hills talks about how the cartoons' messages vary according to the region where they were drawn.


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Cartooning for Peace

Political cartoonists who comment on the Arab-Israeli conflict have a lot of material to work with. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with two. Khalil Abu Arafeh is a Palestinian editorial cartoonist and Uri Fink is an Israeli political cartoonist.

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North Korean art in Vienna

A rare exhibition of North Korean art is taking place in Vienna's MAK Museum. The museum says it is the first time major paintings from the Korean Art Gallery in Pyongyang have been shown abroad. Katy Clark talks with The BBC's Bethany Bell in Vienna.

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Submerged art

In the Geo Quiz we're looking for a tourist resort in the state of Quintana Roo. It's got a fabulous view of the Caribbean; its marine park is a huge attraction. An unusual new museum hopes to attract tourists: it's called the Museo Subacu-tico de Arte.

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This is your brain on Google

A few weeks ago, Roz Chast, esteemed New Yorker cartoonist, created a cartoon that had us all charmed. For this week's tech segment, we talk with Roz about how she came up with her cartoon, and how Google has become a regular part of her life.

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Edible Estates

The artist Fritz Haeg has been digging up and transforming front lawns from Kansas to California. His art project is called "Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn." Studio 360's Julie Burstein found out that one of Haeg's edible estates is just blocks from her house -- she and the artist toured the neighborhood. With production by Andrea Silenzi.

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Computer Art

The visual arts world has been slow to embrace computers. Some forward-thinking collectors hope to change that. Rebecca Cascade talked to one connoisseur who loves the technical challenges that come with owning computer-based art.