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Conflict & Justice

Drawing the Ramayana

Animator Sanjay Patel worked on The Simpsons, A Bugs Life and The Incredibles. As a child, his home was filled with Hindu icons. His new book, Ramayana: Divine Loophole, brings a modern look to an ancient Hindu story. Marco Werman speaks with him.

Global Politics

Photos of the last decade

A new collection of photographs chronicles the highs and lows of the past ten years. It is called �DECADE.� Host Marco Werman speaks with Terence McNamee, Deputy Director of the Brenthurst Foundation and Eamonn McCabe, an award-winning photographer.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Big Gondry

Inspired by his new film "Be Kind Rewind," director Michel Gondry created a special exhibit of movie sets at the Deitch Projects art gallery in New York, where people can walk in and make their own movies. So Studio 360's Michele Siegel gathered her co-workers to remake The Coen brothers cult hit, "The Big Lebowski" -- starring Kurt in the title role. (With production help from Katie Rolnick.)

Arts, Culture & Media

Superman Sings!

Superman has existed in every form of media, from radio to TV to movies to a Broadway musical. Jocelyn Gonzales explains how the Man of Steel changed with each leap into a new medium.

Global Politics

The Making of an Icon

Art played a bigger role in this presidential election than ever before. Especially that heroic red-white-and-blue image of Barack Obama. You know the one. It's by a street artist named Shepard Fairey. WNYC's Siddartha Mitter talked to him and some other Obama image makers, who confessed that victory puts them in a tricky situation.