Will several days off air stop the Brian Williams scandal?


His announcement Saturday came after anger that Williams had, as he put it, "misremembered" being under attack in a military helicopter the Iraq War in 2003. The attack on his chopper didn't happen, he said last week. and he has apologized to veterans over his earlier account.


Veterans display their wars through ink and art

A tattoo often comes with a story. And with many American veterans unable or unwilling to tell their stories in words, a pair of veterans have started collecting the stories behind the tattoos to help people understand the wars they fought.


Global Politics

A powerful politician kills a bill that advocates say would have protected veterans

Many for-profit colleges have been frozen out of the federal student financial aid pipeline, because they feel to meet certain standards. But those standards don't apply through funds veterans receive under the G.I. Bill. A pair of California legislators tried to change that, but they were batted down by a powerful politician — with ties to the for-profit college industry.


Wounded warriors compete in the UK's Invictus Games

"Invictus" is the latin word for "unconquered," and It's the perfect name for a sports event for injured veterans. More than 400 athletes from 13 countries will be going for gold at the first edition of the Invictus Games in London, which started on Tuesday.