Ukraine protests

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How do you capture a drug kingpin without firing a shot?

Over the weekend, US and Mexican officials teamed up to capture one of the Mexico's most notorious drug kingpins, El Chapo of the Sinaloa cartel. And they did it without firing a single shot. Meanwhile, all the gunfire and violence in Ukraine finally forced its president from power and into hiding, but his time is running out. That and more, in today's Global Scan.

Global Scan

The Ukrainian government moves to violently shut down the Kiev protest

Violent scenes of fires and stun grenades are playing out in Kiev as riot police attempt to dislodge those protesting Ukraine's tilt toward Russia. Foreign governments are condemning the violence. In Saudi Arabia, women will need male chaperones to visit medical clinics. And the Great Barrier Reef is under attack — from carnivorous starfish, in today's Global Scan.