If you want to honk in India, you may have to pay

India's noise pollution is legendary: By some measures, India has three of the top five noisiest cities in the world. The worst offenders are on the road, and while some people complain about it, one person stepped up to the challenge of taking it on — by making honking a privilege that will literally cost you.



French mogul touts electric car

Electric cars are the stars of this year's Paris Auto Show. And a French billionaire who's showcasing his own electric model claims he'll be mass-producing it next year. Correspondent Genevieve Oger has the story.

Business, Economics and Jobs

China touts hybrid car

A Chinese company that says it's developed a hybrid car with a longer-lasting battery. Investor Warren Buffet seems believes it. He's taken a 10-percent stake in the company. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports from Beijing.

Global Politics

Vietnam motorcyclists must measure up

Authorities in the Vietnamese city of Hanoi want to curb the notorious traffic problems. And their plan is to measure the chest sizes of motorcyclists to keep the small, weak drivers off the roads. Reporter Nguyen Duc in Hanoi has details.

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Serbia bids farewell to the Yugo

The last Yugo will roll off the production line in Serbia tomorrow after nearly 30 years in production. It was a flop in the US, but it was a hit back home in the former Yugoslavia. Anchor Lisa Mullins hears more from Feodor Nincic of the BBC's Serbian Service.

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Geo answer

In today's Geo Quiz we asked what the five busiest airports are. When it comes to international traffic, the most bustling are: Number 5: Hong Kong, Number 4: Frankfurt, Number 3: Amsterdam, Number 2: the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris...And the number one busiest airport, it serves 62 million passengers a year, is London's Heathrow Airport.

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Thai flower power

Anti-government protesters in Thailand have ended a week-long occupation of Bangkok airport...and it's now set to reopen. The World's Traci Tong tells us why that's good news for the tourist industry in Hawaii.