A crash in Europe lays bare some of aviation's myths

Don't blame the autopilot for the latest aviation disaster, one pilot says: Humans still have more to do with flying high-tech jets than you think. That and other myths explain a lot about how ordinary people view the airline industry and the accidents it suffers.


Can a rebrand make Republicans raise the gas tax?

Drivers are happy about the collapse in oil prices, but with federal highway funds also tanking, even Republicans are considering raising the gas tax to make sure road construction can continue. But calling the gas tax a "user fee" may not help push changes past conservatives in Congress.


Portland braces for one last selfie with the carpet

You read that right — Portlanders are mourning the imminent loss of throwback, "Atari-style" carpet that covers the floor at the city's airport. It will be removed this year, but it has been a visual symbol of Portland for years — appearing on merchandise, in photos and even tattooed on people's bodies.


Conflict & Justice

Israel's gender-segregated buses

The World's Quil Lawrence reports that some public buses in Israel are segregated by gender -- men in front, women in the back, and some Israelis like the practice because it discourages unwanted contact between men and women


Geo answer: Belgium

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Belgium. The World's David Leveille explains that the country's national airline has decided to slow down their airplanes to cut fuel consumption.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer: Tempelhof airport

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Tempelhof Airport. The World's David Leveille reports that Berlin's city officials want to close the airport down. But supporters say it should stay open, in honor of its role during the historic Berlin Airport in 1948 and 1949.

Global Politics

Making the people's bicycle

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's James Ingham in Caracas about a joint venture by Venezuela and Iran: the two oil producers are joining forces to produce bicycles in government-run, socialist factories.