Steroids in baseball

Faith and news analyst Brian Donovan take a look at baseball legend Roger Clemens' testimony before Congress today in which he fervently denied ever having used performance-enhancing drugs.



Faith talks to Greg Papanicolas, a defensive football coach at Sports International, about how you can stop the momentum of an opponent.


Egypt celebrates soccer win

Reporter Hadeel Al-Schalchi reports that soccer fans in Egypt are celebrating their national soccer team's victory in the semifinals of the Africa Cup of Nations


Fair Game - Episode 3 - Segment 1

Fair Game with Faith Salie takes the day's news and entertainment stories, blows them up, and puts them back together again -- all in one glorious hour. Join Faith and her guests as they delve into subjects like international espionage, Robert Downey Junior, and why you sometimes need to punch a hawk to save a puppy. All that plus live music! Fair Game - where every topic is our play thing.