Grassroot Soccer

Faith talks to Dr. Tommy Clark, the founder of Grassroot Soccer, an HIV and AIDS-prevention program that uses soccer to reach youth all over Africa.


The Zen of Bobby V

Faith talks to the Andrew Jenks and Andrew Muscato, co-directors of "The Zen of Bobby V," a new documentary about baseball manager Bobby Valentine and his turn managing a ball club in Japan.


Kassim the Dream

Faith talks to filmmaker Kief Davidson and Kassim Ouma, the focus of the new documentary film Kassim the Dream, which tells the story of a Ugandan child soldier who later became the junior middleweight boxing champion of the world.


Isiah Thomas

Faith shares her thoughts on former New York Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas's recent removal from his coaching job.


Rob Neyer

Faith talks to ESPN baseball writer Rob Neyer about his new book "Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Legends" and the art of "sabermetrics," the statistical analysis of baseball.


Spring training in Havana

Anchor Lisa Mullins looks back at the time when Jackie Robinson first traveled to spring training with the Brooklyn Dodgers: the year was 1947 -- and, for fear of racial trouble, the Dodgers decided to hold their training in Cuba instead of Florida.