Arts, Culture & Media

Bio Art

From "Pig Wings" to "Semi-Living Dolls," the artists Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr are using high tech tools to challenge our conception of what life is and could be.



Bionic beak

Faith talks to raptor biologist Janie Fink Cantwell about the bionic beak she has constructed for an injured bald eagle that had its beak shot off by a poacher.


Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist at the University of Indiana in Indianapolis, talks about her experience having a stroke and her new book.


Gary Marcus

Faith talks to NYU psychologist Gary Marcus about why he thinks the brain is more a cobbled-together product of evolutionary tinkering than some ideal natural design, as explained in his new book "Kluge."


Marcus Du Satoy

Faith talks to Oxford University mathematician Marcus du Sautoy about his new book, "Symmetry: A Journey in the Patterns of Nature."

Business, Economics and Jobs

David Michaels

Epidemiologist and former Assistant Secretary of Energy David Michaels talks about his new book, in which he describes the rise of "mercenary scientists" and "product defense" firms.


William Crawford

Faith talks to William Crawford, the co-creator of Concrete Canvas, a unique fabric that can be used to create a bulletproof shelter.

Arts, Culture & Media

Oliver Sacks

Not many neurologists can say they were played by Robin Williams in a movie. But Oliver Sacks can. Dr. Sacks will be here with a new book about music and the mind, "Musicophilia."


From toilet to tap

Orange County, CA has opened what is likely the largest sewage purification plant for drinking water in the world. The community is on board, and the idea is already being copied elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Living on Earth's Ingrid Lobet reports.


Fuel from thin air

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Dr. F. Jeffrey Martin talks with host Steve Curwood about capturing carbon dioxide from the air to make gasoline.


Dangerous assumptions

An article in "Nature" asserts that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has seriously underestimated the technological solutions necessary for the stabilization of the climate. The commentary is titled "Dangerous Assmptions" and it's co-authored by Senior Scientist Tom Wigley of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.