renewable energy


Harnessing the wind

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Alain Hubert, project manager for the Princess Elizabeth Station on Antarctica. It's the first polar research base powered entirely by the wind and the sun.


Fungal Fuel

Scientists have discovered a fungus from the Patagonian rainforest that produces hydrocarbons much like those found in diesel fuel. Jessie Martin reports.


After War, Wind-Powered Radio

In Southern Sudan electricity is virtually non-existent after 22 years of civil war. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with Internews program director Deborah Ensor about bringing solar and wind energy to the region to power a new radio station.


Greenbacks for Greener Cars

With Detroit asking for another handout, now is the time to demand green cars from the Big Three automakers. UC-Davis Professor Daniel Sperling tells host Bruce Gellerman any bailout must require affordable, fuel efficient vehicles.

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Power Cart

Mouna Andraos is an artist and web designer who's always been fascinated by street vendors since her childhood in Lebanon. She created a working portable generator that uses a crank and a solar cell to charge cell phones and laptops, and even run small appliances. Ada Lee Halofsky hit the New York City streets with Andraos to see Power Cart in action. (Originally aired: April 18, 2008)