renewable energy


Big money to green low income housing

The private, nonprofit development group Enterprise pledged four billion dollars to make low-income housing more energy efficient and healthy. We talk about how those at the lower end of the economic spectrum are hit hardest by home energy prices.


Keeping current on electric cars

American taxpayers have pumped more than two billion dollars into electric drive vehicles. What are U.S. car companies doing? Host Jeff Young talks with car rider and writer Jim Motavalli about what's down the road for electric vehicles.


A windmill that saves a village

In 2002, teenaged William Kamkwamba had a vision in the very poor African nation of Malawi: a little bicycle generator that powers a light, if connected to a windmill, could allow him to read his schoolbooks at night. On The Takeaway.

Global Politics

China's wind option

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Michael McElroy, lead author of a study that suggests China could meet ALL of its electricity needs for the next 20 years using ONLY wind power.

Development & Education

Chevy Volt, Game Changer?

General Motors announced that their electric car, the Chevy Volt, will get 230 miles per gallon during city driving. The Takeaway talks to Garry Golden, futurist and energy blogger, about fuel efficiency and the future of cars.