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Surviving Africa's ethnic violence

Jeb Sharp speaks with Pulitzer-Prize winning author Tracy Kidder about his newest novel, Strength in What Remains, the true story of a man who survived the ethnic violence between Burundi and Rwanda and managed to find his way to the United States.

Conflict & Justice

Religious freedom in Egypt

In Egypt, followers of the Bahai religion have often complain of persecution and even official discrimination. But they have recently made gains in the largely Muslim country. The World's Aya Batrawy reports from Cairo.

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Geo answer

Today's answer is the Preseli Hills in West Wales, that archaeologists say are the source of massive stones used to build a recently discovered circle of stones dubbed Blue Stonehenge. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Professor Julian Thomas


Zen archers take aim in Manhattan

Before Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance there was the original: Zen in the Art of Archery. The book chronicled the story of a German who traveled to Japan to learn Kyudo. Now there's a school in Manhattan. The World's Alex Gallafent has the story.

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Murders in Peru recall ancient myth

A gang in Peru is suspected in a string of horrific murders that include extracting body fat from their victims. Police in Peru have dubbed the gang 'pistacos' after a mythical being. Anchor Jeb Sharp finds out more from Harvard professor Gary Urton.