Ghana to the Globe: E.L. Visits With Afropop in NYC

Ghanaian popular musician, rapper and producer E.L. (Elom Adablah) has achieved a significant following both locally in Ghana and through international circuits for his creative take on the ultra-popular dance music style known as azonto. He recently visited New York, ...<a class="meta-nav" href="http://www.afropop.org/wp/18269/e-l-visits-with-afropop-in-new-york/"> Read more &#187;</a>

Explosion! Big Freedia Drops New Single

The best-known name in bounce, the New Orleans-based hip-hop varietal that&#8217;s received national attention for its gender-bending dance-floor frenzy, is getting ready for her musical closeup. And we can&#8217;t wait. Fresh from the first season of her (happily renewed) reality ...<a class="meta-nav" href="http://www.afropop.org/wp/18346/explosion-big-freedia-drops-new-single/"> Read more &#187;</a>

Tanzanian Hip-Hop: A Primer

Those beats! One of the biggest musical change that occurs during the period of Tanzanian music covered by &#8220;Live From Bongoland&#8221; is the introduction of hip-hop. Starting from a small-scale, DIY underground, hip-hop style and music localized, transitioning from English ...<a class="meta-nav" href="http://www.afropop.org/wp/18705/tanzanian-hip-hop-a-primer/"> Read more &#187;</a>

Hip Deep Ghana 2: 21st Century Accra from Gospel to Hiplife

Hiplife&#8211;a fusion of hip-hop and highlife&#8211;has come of age, spawning subgenres tilting to roots culture, international rap, and boldly humorous satire, not to mention azonto, a dance craze that has rocketed to global renown in just over a year. But ...<a class="meta-nav" href="http://www.afropop.org/wp/12281/hip-deep-ghana-2-21st-century-accra-from-gospel-to-hiplife/"> Read more &#187;</a>


Issa Rae built an empire of awkward, but she's still not satisfied

With a hit web series and a potential show coming on HBO, comedian Issa Rae is making her akwardness pay off. The Senegalese immigrant to the US says she "didn't know how to be black," and never quite fit in with any group of kids around her. But that's proved to be a gold mine for comedy.