Presenting the new sound of PRI's The World

The familiar song that starts PRI's The World won't be quite as familiar today. Our signature tune is getting an update after 18 years, and composer Eric Goldberg explains how he gave a fresh sound to our theme.


Global Politics

BBC back in Zimbabwe

The BBC returns to Zimbabwe with a day of live broadcasting from the African country. The Africa Have Your Say' program comes from Chitungwiza, a Soweto-like' township outside Harare. The hometown of host Farayi Mungazi. Marco Werman talked with him.

Arts, Culture & Media

Good morning Afghanistan!

Today radio listeners in Afghanistan were treated to a new station and a new program � Good Morning Afghanistan! The radio station is for the British armed forces in Afghanistan. We speak with Dusty Miller, the station manager and morning host.

Lifestyle & Belief

Israel's American weatherman

One of Israel's most popular weathermen retired last month after delivering weather updates on Hebrew-language radio for 39 years. Israelis loved listening to Robert Olinsky for his thick American accent. Daniel Estrin has the story.


Haitian mother reunited with her son

A Boston Haitian mother was reunited with her son yesterday. The BBC's Creole-language radio program helped reunite Penaisse Macary with his mother, Simone Macary. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Simone Macary on today's program.

Conflict & Justice

Radio royalties

Hairdressers in Barcelona are threatening a rebellion over a government plan to make hair salons pay royalties for playing the radio in their shops. Sarah Rainsford reports from Barcelona.

Global Politics

Afghanistan's 'radio war'

The United States government is mounting a counter-propaganda offensive in Afghanistan to combat the Taliban's media successes. Journalist Douglas Wissing reports on the ?radio war? raging in eastern Afghanistan.