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'Radio Free Libya' broadcast expands

The World's Ben Gilbert reports on 'Radio Free Libya' which hit the airwaves soon after the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi's regime began in the east. Now the broadcast can be heard all across Libya, even in Gaddafi-controled Tripoli.

Global Politics

Berlusconi goes on a rant

Anchor Marco Werman talks to RAI journalist Fabio Colonna about the latest Silvio Berlusconi sandal in Italy. We will hear what was said when the Italian prime minister called in a talk show and insulted the program and its host.



Blood in the water: Glenn Beck hits Van Jones

To understand Glenn Beck's popularity, we speak to Michael Harrison, the publisher of Talkers Magazine, the leading trade publication for the talking-head set, along with Robert Thompson, professor of Television, Radio and Film at Syracuse University.