It's not just a soap opera, it's a 'radio movie'

Soaps aren't anything new in most parts of the world, but a long-running Nigerian radio show called "Story, Story" uses the techniques of film to create an immersive, realistic radio drama. The popular show also helps spread public service messages to a wide audience.

Live from Bongoland: The History of Tanzania’s Music Economy

In the &#8217;70s and &#8217;80s, the East African nation of Tanzania was home to one of the continent&#8217;s greatest music scenes. But you wouldn&#8217;t know from the recorded evidence. Join us for this Hip Deep edition of Afropop Worldwide, as ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Conflict & Justice

Radio Bringing Change in Rwanda

The government of Rwanda is credited with restoring social stability and rebuilding the economy after the 1994 genocide, but critics say Paul Kagame riles with too heavy a hand, especially when it comes to the press.


Global Politics

Kim Jong Il, 'fashion icon'

A North Korean website says the ?Dear Leader? began a global fashion trend with his zippered jumpsuits. Many North Koreans believe it. North Korea watcher and author Barbara Demick explains how authorities there have mastered the art of propaganda.

Lifestyle & Belief

Geo answer

Somalia's Islamist insurgents have ordered a number of radio stations throughout the country to stop playing music. The BBC's Mohammed Olad Hassan is in Mogadishu ? and Mogadishu is one of the answers to our geo quiz today.

Conflict & Justice

Pakistani radio in Texas

Texas is home to one of the fastest growing Pakistani communities in the United States... And on two popular South Asian talk shows, the Pakistani-American hosts address the problem of Muslim extremism. Shomial Ahmad listened in.

Global Politics

BBC programs for Pakistan flood victims

The UN says 1,600 people have been killed and nearly 14 million affected in flood stricken Pakistan. The BBC launched special programming this week to assist the victims. Shafi Naqi Jamie is overseeing the project. Katy Clark talks with him.

Global Politics

Berlusconi goes on a rant

Anchor Marco Werman talks to RAI journalist Fabio Colonna about the latest Silvio Berlusconi sandal in Italy. We will hear what was said when the Italian prime minister called in a talk show and insulted the program and its host.