This musician's quest is for clean cookstoves

Ghanaian reggae musician Rocky Dawuni is in Paris this week for the climate change summit. He's there to raise awareness how the carbon in smoke aggravates climate change. And he points out that in many parts of the world, a kitchen consists of three stones with a wood or charcoal fire below, and a pot on top to cook in. This setup is not only bad for the environment, but it's also deadly.



Cleaner coal experiment

The US presidential and vice candidates have all touted so-called "clean coal" as an energy solution. The World's Jason Margolis takes a look at what the term actually means.


Cows, sheep and global warming

With 2009 likely to be a crucial year for international climate change negotiations, there's increased attention on the role agriculture may play in driving up global temperatures. Cows and sheep produce a LOT of methane, and scientists are looking at new ways to cut such "emissions". The BBC's Matt McGrath reports from Dublin.


Satellites collide in space

NASA scientists say two satellites have collided in space...about 600 miles above Siberia. The collision has created two huge clouds of debris. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from John Logsdon, former director of the Space Policy Institute.


Europe to set stringent pesticide laws

Europe is poised to adopt some of the world's toughest controls on pesticides. But the makers and users of many pesticides warn the move could put the squeeze on Europe's food supply. The World's Gerry Hadden reports.

Global Politics

Clearing the air in China

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on China's efforts to reduce air pollution. Officials in the southern regions of Guandong say they're taking tough measure to cut back on emissions. But the air doesn't seem to be getting cleaner.

Health & Medicine

Tehran's air pollution woes

In Tehran, more and more Iranians are buying more and more cars... with predictable results -- congestion and smog. Correspondent Steve Zind reports that air pollution in the Iranian capital is causing health problems for citizens and headaches for city officials.

Health & Medicine

Clean Water Scarce in Pakistan

Political instability and violence make Pakistan a U.S. foreign policy priority. But there's another looming crisis there too. Pakistan is fast running out of water and much of what IS available is making people sick. On PRI's The World.