Global Politics

John McKay

John McKay talks about the 2006 dismissal of nine U.S. Attorneys, of which he was one, and the new lawsuit between Congress and the White House over the release of information related to the firings.

Global Politics

Healthcare lottery

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Matt Pack examine Oregon's new healthcare plan for cash-strapped residents that delivers care on the basis of a lottery.

Global Politics

Judi Hoffman

Celebrity psychic Judi Hoffman talks to Faith about the prostitution scandal that brought down Eliot Spitzer, a fall from grace that she had predicted, way back in January.

Global Politics

A.J. Rossmiller

Former Pentagon intelligence analyst A.J. Rossmiller talks about how office politics, disorganization and political meddling has undermined U.S. intelligence capabilities in the Iraq war.

Global Politics

HUD sucker

Faith shares her thoughts on the recent resignation of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, amid a criminal probe.