Global Politics


Faith and news analyst Jason Mantzoukas take a look at a group of Ron Paul supporters who are trying to set up a new Texas community guided by the philosophy of their favorite charismatic congressman.

Global Politics

Spitzer's Kristen

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Jason Mantzoukas take a close look at Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the call-girl at the center of the Eliot Spitzer scandal.

Global Politics

John McKay

John McKay talks about the 2006 dismissal of nine U.S. Attorneys, of which he was one, and the new lawsuit between Congress and the White House over the release of information related to the firings.


Is Chicken Little right?

If you ask Paul Ehrlich, a professor of population studies at Stanford University, he'll tell you the new UN report on the state of the global environment is old news. Dr. Ehrlich talks with host Bruce Gellerman about overpopulation, famine, and climate change, and the urgent need for the human species to save itself from disasters of its own making.


Raising Iraqi oil

As a new law regulating its oil industry sits stalled in Parliament, Iraq's oil minister is starting talks with international oil companies. Guest: geopolitical analyst Peter Ziehan of the online magazine 'Stratfor'


Kids Speak Out About Climate Change

From banning plastic bags to raising awareness about rising sea levels, kids are proving that they can be a powerful force in the battle against climate change. Living on Earth looks at several young leaders who are taking a stand to protect the planet.