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Mideast avoids financial crisis

The Middle East has so far seemed to escape the financial crisis plaguing the rest of the world. As The World's Aaron Schachter reports, this is in large part due to inherent wariness and a banking and real estate boom of its own.

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Bail-out debate continues

Nerves frayed further today on Capitol Hill and on Wall Street, as lawmakers continued to wrangle over rescue package for the nation's cash-strapped banks. Host Marco Werman gets the latest from John Authers of the Financial Times.

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Overseas bailout

As the U.S. bailout plan stumbles on Capitol Hill, European banks are suffering from their exposure to the U.S. crisis. The World's Laura Lynch reports that governments in Europe have had to intervene with bailouts of their own.

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Japan's deja-vu feeling

The global economic crisis feels like deja-vu to some Japanese economists. Japan's banking industry weathered a number of economic storms in the 1990's. Host Lisa Mullins speaks with Jesper Koll who runs an investment firm in Japan.