Afghan Olympian

Afghan athlete Rohullah Nikpai took home the bronze medal in Tae Kwon Do at last month's Beijing Olympics. It's Afghanistan's first ever Olympic medal. Now he's a national hero. Correspondent Derek Stoffel has his story.


Iraq's Paralympics team

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on Iraq's Paralympic Team, which is competing in Beijing. Many of the team's members have been affected by the current war in their country, though some were wounded in previous conflicts, such as the Iran-Iraq War.


Jamaica's bobsledders try again

Jamaica captured world attention in 1988 when it sent a bobsled team to the Winter Olympics in Calgary. Now Jamaica's beloved bobsled team is trying to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Global Politics

Fierce competition for mayor of Sochi

The Russian political event of the year may very well be hundreds of miles from Moscow. A ballerina, a porn star, a billionaire, and an arm wrestling champion are all among the candidates for mayor of Sochi, the resort town that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. Jessica Golloher has the story.