London 2012: When the Party's Over

This summer Britons have feasted on national celebrations including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and London's Olympic Games. When the Paralympic Games conclude in a few weeks, Britain will have to get back to reality. And that might not be easy.



Afghan Olympians

The BBC's Alastair Leithead reports from Kabul on two of Afghanistan's four Olympic representatives in Beijing: the two are Tae Kwan Do athletes, and they're hoping to win Afghanistan its first-ever Olympic medal.

Global Politics

China shuts door on Cheek

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with former Olympic speed skater and now Darfur activist Joey Cheek, who thought he would be flying to Beijing today and instead, he had his visa revoked by Chinese authorities.

Lifestyle & Belief

Evangelicals at the Olympics

Christian missionaries are in Beijing for the Olympics, and they can't preach or hand out leaflets, but as The World's Katy Clark reports, some Evangelicals hope to find a way to share their faith at the Beijing games.


Fake Olympic goods

Jamilla Trindle reports on the Chinese government's efforts to prevent souvenir-sellers from selling pirated Olympic goods.

Arts, Culture & Media

Beijing hotels not full

Anne Donahue reports that many hotels in the Olympic host city of Beijing aren't seeing the rush of customers they were anticipating, and in fact, it's not too late to get a cheap hotel room in Beijing.


U.S. vs. China in Olympic basketball

The U.S. men's basketball opener vs. China on Sunday will be one of the most-watched Olympic events, and the players on both teams are under pressure to do well during the Games, as The World's Matthew Bell reports.


View from the stands

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Tom Fordyce in Beijing, who was in the stands for the whole four-hour opening ceremony extravaganza.


Olympic turf rolling in

Now that the ceremonies are over, the grass can go in. We hear from the man in charge of putting it in -- John "Trey" Rogers, Turf Science Professor at Michigan State University.