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French Sour on Nuclear Power

France gets a larger share of its electricity from nuclear power than any other country. But as Liam Moriarty reports, a year after Fukushima, public support is eroding, and for the first time nuclear power has become an issue in a presidential election.


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Lost nuclear bomb in Greenland

40 years ago, a U.S. military plane carrying nuclear weapons crashed in Greenland. A BBC investigation has found that one of the nukes was unaccounted for after the crash. The BBC's Security Correspondent Gordon Corera has details.

Conflict & Justice

Longtime anti-nuclear activist

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with cardiologist Bernard Lown. Dr. Lown won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 for his work against nuclear proliferation. He's written a new book -- "Prescription for Survival: A Doctor's Journey to End Nuclear Madness."

Global Politics

North Korea talks hit wall

The latest round of nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea ended today without an agreement. That means North Korea joins the list of unresolved foreign policy issues waiting for President-elect Barack Obama. The World's Matthew Bell reports.


Nukes in central and eastern Europe

Countries in Central and Eastern Europe are taking a new look at nuclear energy. Proponents say the construction of nuclear plants could provide greater energy independence while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.


Pakistani nuclear scientist

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with William Langewiesche, author of the book, "The Atomic Bazaar," about a Pakistani high court decision to release AQ Khan from house arrest. Khan is often referred to as the man who gave Pakistan nuclear weapons.


Nuclear submarines collide

Reports have surfaced of an underwater collision involving two nuclear submarines in the Atlantic. Anchor Lisa Mullins get the details from BBC Defense Correspondent, Caroline Wyatt.


Test run for Iranian nuclear plant

Iran says it's taking a major step forward in its nuclear program with a test run of its first nuclear power plant. The BBC's Jon Leyne was granted rare access to the nuclear plant. He speaks with anchor Lisa Mullins.

Global Politics

Russia and US on arms deal

With the world's attention trained on the global economy, little attention has been paid to a striking goal set by the Russian and American presidents: to rid the world of nuclear weapons. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.