Conflict & Justice

Bahrain cracks down on protests

Protests have been banned in Bahrain and the military has been ordered to tighten its grip after the violent removal of anti-government demonstrators. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof who is in Bahrain.

Conflict & Justice

Reform demands in Egypt

Ursula Lindsey reports on the continued attempts by demonstrators in Egypt to affect change. Workers from a wide variety of industries are threatening to strike unless former members of the regime are ousted, wages increased and more reforms introduced.

Conflict & Justice

Nato apologizes for Afghan deaths

US Lt. Colonel William Johnson offered his apology on behalf of NATO troops to the governor of Afghanistan's Nangarhar province for the deaths of six civilians. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from James Foley, a reporter for "Stars and Stripes."