Middle East

Israeli female soldiers show path U.S. women warriors are on

The Israeli armed forces have allowed women in combat roles since the 1990s. And while there are still a few specialties where they're banned, they have years of experience. As the United States opens up to officially endorsing women in combat, Israel offers a glimpse of what may be ahead.

In upcoming election, minor Israeli parties on verge of winning seats

Israel's electoral system for parliament has people voting for parties, not people. In order to get seats, a party needs to win at least two percent of the vote. Some 34 parties are running this year and some parties that are on the fringe of Israeli politics are on the verge of winning enough support to actually secure seats.

Israeli left trying to build support from Occupy Tel Aviv crowd

Israel's elections later this month will be a test of how politically motivated 2011's protesters in that country were. In a series of protests, tens of thousands took to Tel Aviv's streets to protest climbing housing costs. But polls indicate that its the right-wing parties that are building momentum in the election.

Positive progress in Afghanistan finally begins to emerge

The pullout of American forces from Afghanistan by 2014 has some feeling hopeful about the future of the war-torn country. But with the ongoing drone strikes in Pakistan, and continued violence in Afghanistan, it's often hard to see the progress over the border.