Middle East

Hezbollah declares public support for Assad's ruling Syrian regime

It's long been known that Hezbollah was supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad in its battle to retain control of Syria. But this week, Hezbollah's leader came out publicly stating it was backing Assad. The announcement, though, could portend expansion of the Syrian conflict beyond Syria.

Syrian opposition moves conflict closer to Damascus

A car bomb in Damascus killed at least 72 people on Thursday. The attack is said to be one of the worst to hit Syria's capital city since the start of the two-year-conflict. Though critics say the opposition against Syria's president is divided, their efforts are slowly moving into the capital city.

Abu Dhabi hospital focuses on patients of the avian kind

Falconry has been an integral part of the heritage of the United Arab Emirates. And despite the rapid modernization the country has undergone, falconry remains culturally significant. So much so that there's a massive veterinary hospital devoted to caring for the birds.