LGBT rights


In Bangladesh, a same-sex marriage might see the couple sent to jail

In 2013, a traditional marriage ceremony took place at the Hindu temple in Pirojpur, Bangladesh, just as has been happening for hundreds of years. The only problem was that both people getting married were women and same-sex marriage is not accepted in Bangladesh. Now, instead of finding happiness, one of the brides is facing criminal charges — accused of abduction.



Images: When you are gay (and afraid) in Uganda


The combined photography of photojournalists Anne Bailey and Shane McMillan, documenting subjects across seven countries, is part of “UNBOUND,” a photo exhibit opening this week in Portland, Maine, at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.


It took Obama for her triumph to be commemorated in Jamaica


Angeline Jackson was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in 2009, and says she received little sympathy from the police because she's a lesbian. But now Jackson is an activist who's trying to help other lesbian and bisexual Jamaicans find safety and support.