Conflict & Justice

Tiananmen voices

The BBC's Chinese Service asked people to share some of their thoughts and recollections about China's Tiananmen crackdown 20 years ago today. Anchor Lisa Mullins introduces us to two of them

Conflict & Justice

GM Europe races against time

General Motors' European operations are scrambling to find a buyer ahead of a possible bankruptcy proceeding in the US. More than 50,000 people work at GM plants throughout Europe. The World's Laura Lynch has the story

Conflict & Justice

Mexico's drug cartels still in action

Mexico's violent drug cartels didn't simply pack up and go home when the H1N1flu arrived. In fact they're just as active as before. The World's Lorne Matalon reports that the government has once again stepped up its attempts to beat back the cartels.

Conflict & Justice

The New Liberal on the Court

As President Obama puts his mark on the Supreme Court, Republicans are cautioning against a return to a liberal court. But New York Times Magazine contributor ? and law professor ? Jeffrey Rosen says Obama is redefining the ideological debate.

Conflict & Justice

Supreme Court Fashions

One of the many issues the new Supreme Court Justice will have to address is what to wear. A lace jabot like Sandra Day O'Connor? Something more modern? We talk to Susan Scafidi, a law professor at Fordham Law School who writes the blog Counterfeit Chic.


The Money Show

Every day, money changes hands in Ghanaian cedi, South African rand and Brazilian reals as music is created, traded, performed, purchased and pirated. In this episode we look at the business side of African music, through a series of vignettes ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>