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In Bangladesh, will a legal system 'full of holes' prosecute those responsible for the Rana Plaza factory collapse?

Bangladeshis today are honoring the memory of those killed one year ago in the deadly factory collapse at Rana Plaza. Building owner Sohel Rana and several factory owners are in jail awaiting trial. Zafar Sobhan, the editor of the Dhaka Tribune explains why prosecution of the men would be a big step forward for the weak Bangladeshi justice system.



The Price of Colombian Coal

The U.S. imports a lot of coal from Colombia, and the life of a coal miner there is hard, to say the least. But the miners are not the only ones who are impacted by Colombia's coal-mining industry. Steven Dudley reports for PRI's The World.

Business, Economics and Jobs

China's economic slump

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on the mood among migrant workers in China's Sichuan province. Thousands of these workers have returned home to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But many of the workers won't have jobs to go back to once they return.

Business, Economics and Jobs

The global unemployment line

Businesses across the globe continue to lay off workers this winter in response to worldwide economic crisis. But not everyone will be left out in the cold. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Adrian Wooldridge, Washington Bureau Chief of The Economist.

Global Politics

Protectionism at home and abroad

British workers are protesting the use of foreign labor at a UK plant, and the EU and Canada are threatening retaliation over the 'Buy American' clause in the economic stimulus package. The World reports on rising global concerns about protectionism.