How the produce aisle looks to a migrant farmworker


How does picking the tomato compare to the onion? And what about strawberries? One Mexican American migrant farmworker who lives in California's Central Valley took us to the produce aisle to tell us what he sees when he's at the supermarket.


The shiny Uniqlo empire has a dark side

Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing store, has become a darling in the US for its design and clean, cheery shopping experience. But some workers say that's possible because of a harsh company culture that imposes strict rules and mistreats employees.


Global Politics

Spain's plan to lower unemployment

Spain has the highest jobless rate in Europe. And just how is the government proposing to deal with it? By floating a controversial plan to eliminate visas for foreign workers. The World's Gerry Hadden reports.

Conflict & Justice

Iran's vendors wield power

Shopkeepers in the main bazaar of Iran's capital, Tehran, shut down for the day on Sunday. They were protesting a sales tax imposed by Iran's president. The work stoppage worked -- the tax was suspended.