Why Maz Jobrani quit terrorism — on screen

As a young actor, Maz Jobrani took whatever work he could get — even stereotypical and insulting roles as a terrorist. Now he's trying to bring more nuance to American culture's view of Muslims and Middle Easterners.


London is becoming the newest hub of Islamic finance

Already one of the world’s major financial centers, London is now going after an even bigger piece of the pie — Islamic finance. The sector is growing by 30 percent a year, so British government officials are pushing for a public, high-profile campaign to establish the city as a hub.


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Syrian cultural festival

The Syrian capital of Damascus has been designated this year's "Capital of Arab Culture." The city is putting on a year-long show with music, performances, and art installations from around the world.

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Geo quiz/global hit

For today's Geo Quiz we asked which one of the following ISN'T an actual town in the United States. Arabia, Nebraska -- Bagdad, California -- Cairo, Illinois -- Mecca, Indiana -- Palestine, Texas. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Jonathan Curiel about discovering traces of Arab and Islamic culture in unexpected places here in the US.

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Evolution and Islam

Evolution versus creationism, it's a topic that's typically debated in the U.S. within the context of Christianity. But an article in the latest issue of the journal Science suggests that debate is heating up in the Muslim world.

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Moroccan women vs Islamic extremism

Morocco's King Mohammed VI has a new approach for countering Islamic extremism in his country. He's begun enlisting women to be religious guides who preach tolerance and the rejection of violence. Reporter Sarah Kramer has details.

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The Keffiyeh issue and fashion

The black and white checkered scarf known as a keffiyeh is a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. But some Westerners wear the keffiyeh as a fashion statement. The World's Aaron Schachter explains why that's got some Palestinians perturbed.