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Awakening councils

One-time Sunni insurgents in Iraq have helped stabilize the country through so-called "Awakening Councils,� but as The World's Katy Clark reports, their role in the future could depend on how the Sunnis get along with Iraq's Shiite-dominated government.

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Ramadan begins

Ramadan starts today with the sighting of the crescent moon. For the next month, practicing Muslims won't eat or drink anything during daylight hours.

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Today's Muslim youth

Many of today's young Arab Muslims don't look or act like their parents�they're still devout but they're redefining what it means to be Muslim, and Author Allegra Stratton writes about it in her new book, �Muhajababes,�

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Muslim cleric faces extradition

A radical Muslim cleric lost an appeal in Britain's high court today-- Abu Hamza now faces extradition to the US, and he's accused of helping to plan a terrorist training camp in Oregon, as The World's Matthew Bell reports.