There's new life in Japan's tech startup scene


The Japanese economy saw its heyday back in the 1980s. Since then, businesses have been slow to innovate. And the population is aging and declining. The tech startup scene was bleak, until recently. Here's one community that's been generating some noise, just a bit under the radar.



Vision of a sustainable city

In honor of Earth Day, we revisit some of our favorite stories. When reporter Cecilia Vaisman visited Curitiba, Brazil in 1994, she learned how a city with a growing population and outdated infrastructure transformed into a sustainable and wonderfully livable city, with lots of green space, recycling programs, and an efficient rapid transit system.


Clean water for Kenya

In Kibera, a slum of Nairobi, Kenya, clean water is too scarce. But a new technology that takes just a plastic bottle and six hours in the sun is helping reduce sickness and diarrhea in the community, and in other developing countries around the world. Jessica Partnow reports.


Wireless science

It's fast, it's reliable, and it's transforming how scientists do their research. Spectrum Radio's Jean Kumagai reports on a wireless sensor network called HP-WREN.


Electric dreams could come true

Nissan pledges to build a zero emissions electric car by 2010. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with John O'Dell, senior editor of the website Green Car Advisor, about what the car will look like and how and when we might see a fleet of electric automobiles.


Green car bailout

Detroit's big car makers want $25 billion in taxpayer loans to help them retool to build cleaner cars. But will the money really go toward making cars go farther on a gallon of gas? Living on Earth's Jeff Young questions GM's top executive to find out.


The clean tech challenge

As Wall Street tumbles, is it taking nascent clean industries with it? Matthew Nordan of Lux Research Inc. says it depends on the industry. Nordan talks with host Bruce Gellerman about green winners and losers and the future of clean technology.


Making the world a Better Place

Better Place, an electric car company, aims to put electric cars -- and the infrastructure to power them -- on roads in the next four years. Living on Earth talks with Wired magazine's Daniel Roth about the startup's unique approach to greening roadways.