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The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Much has been made of the microblog Twitter and its influence on the ongoing protests in Iran. Nicholas Thompson is the senior editor at Wired, and he joins The Takeaway with his thoughts on whether the revolution will be tweeted.

Conflict & Justice

Persian tech talk

The technology industry moves quickly...and there are already upgrades out there in response to the turmoil in Iran. Google, Facebook, and Apple now offer Persian language capabilities. Correspondent Cyrus Farivar has the story.

Global Politics

Messages from Iran

Protesters in Iran continue to dispute the election results that returned President Ahmadinejad to office. The Takeaway turns to Pooneh Ghoddossi from the BBC's Persian Television, which has received over 4,500 emails from Iranians this morning.

Global Politics

Text messaging the Obama speech

Anchor Lisa Mullins explains that President Obama isn't just making a speech tomorrow to the Muslim world. He's also sending out text messages about the speech -- in a host of languages, including English, Arabic, Urdu, and Persian.

Global Politics

Securing Your Cyber World

This week President Obama will unveil a report on his plans to make the internet secure. James Lewis consulted with the administration on this report and he joins The Takeaway to discuss the threats to our cybersecurity.

Conflict & Justice

Iran's Facebook Election

Iranian government blocked access to Facebook last Saturday; restoring it yesterday. For more on the new campaign tools and an analysis of the Iranian election, we turn to Jon Leyne, the BBC's correspondent in Tehran.

Development & Education

Fans Heart Jill Sobule

After years of frustration with record companies, singer-songwriter Jill Sobule had a wake up call. She asked her fans to donate money to pay for the production of her new album, and they responded with $75,000. Jill visits Studio 360.