Global Politics

The Wire in Britain

A British opposition politician has criticized his government's record on crime. And he did it by comparing some British cities to what you would see on the American TV drama, �The Wire.� Anchor Jeb Sharp has details.

Development & Education

Internet Scams 2.0

The new generation of Internet scams is harder to spot. The Takeaway is joined by Ryan LaBarge, who was nearly taken by a scam on craigslist, Jacqui Cheng of Ars Technica, and Amir Orad, executive vice president of Actimize.

Conflict & Justice

Law and disorder in cyberspace

Cybercrime is on the rise and botnets are largely to blame. Botnets are large groups of computers that spew out spam, worms and viruses. The trouble is that international law can't keep up with the technology. Correspondent Cyrus Farivar reports.

Lifestyle & Belief

Indonesians frustrated after attacks

Rebecca Henschke reports that Indonesians are frustrated and angry over last month's terrorist attacks in the capital. They want the world to know that the terrorists who carried out the attacks do not represent the true face of their nation.

Conflict & Justice

Zimbabwe lifts BBC ban

Zimbabwe is lifting restrictions on the international media working inside its borders. This week it lifted an 8-year-ban on the BBC. The BBC's Andrew Harding reports from the capital Harare.

Conflict & Justice

Global Hit

The World's Andrea Crossan profiles a community radio station that broadcasts to the youth of Kibera ? the biggest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.