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PETA launches pornographic website

In the coming months, the domain ".xxx" will become available to pornographic websites – and PETA wants in. Cindy Gallop, advertising consultant and creator of the website, sorts through this marketing gambit.


Conflict & Justice

China's media strategy

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Xiao Qiang director of the University of California, Berkeley's China Internet Project, about China's strategy for handling media coverage of the protests in western China.

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Mexico's drug war in the US

US officials have announced the arrest, on American soil, of more than 300 members of a major Mexican drug cartel. El Universal has been running a series focusing on drug-trafficking north of the border. One of the reporters is Evangelina Hernandez.

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Kim Jong Il, 'fashion icon'

A North Korean website says the ?Dear Leader? began a global fashion trend with his zippered jumpsuits. Many North Koreans believe it. North Korea watcher and author Barbara Demick explains how authorities there have mastered the art of propaganda.

Global Politics

Tracking the stimulus money trail

Federal agencies were required to start their weekly reports to the federal office of management and budget on what they're doing with stimulus money yesterday. Joining us to talk transparency is Takeaway correspondent Andrea Bernstein.