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Breakaway Buddhists take aim at the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama prohibits his followers from praying to what he considers the malevolent deity of Dorje Shugden. But adherents of this practice, many of them western converts, say the Tibetan religious leader is guilty of persecution.

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This woman is the voice of Tibet for China and the world

Most Chinese believe the government's view that Tibet is thriving under China's rule. They rarely hear about China's heavy hand there or its suppression of Tibetan dissent. That's where Tsering Woeser, a poet who grew up in Tibet, comes in. She lives in China and writes in Chinese striving to give a voice to her people.

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New evidence suggests systematic torture by Syria's government

New images and reports have surfaced of wholesale torture and starvation on the part of the Syrian regime, just as peace talks to end the war are set to start on Wednesday. On the US west coast, scientists dispel fears that Pacific Ocean fish are contaminated with Fukushima radiation. And side-by-side men's toilets at an Olympic venue have become a social media joke. That and more, in today's Global Scan.


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Olympic torch on Mt Everest

The World's Carol Hills reports on China's preparations for taking the Olympic torch all the way to the summit of Mt. Everest; China's state-run television began live broadcasts from the mountain today.=

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Torch arrives in China

The Olympic torch returned to China today; Anchor Marco Werman tells how tens of thousands of supporters turned out to see the Hong Kong relay with only a few pro-Tibet protestors who were shouted down.


Burma government resisting aid

Five days after a devastating cyclone struck the South East Asian nation of Burma, the first UN aid flight has landed in the country but Burma's military authority is still resisting the majority of foreign aid that's being offered


UN to resume Burma aid

The United Nations today announced it will resume aid shipments to Burma; UN officials had earlier suspended aid flights intended to help Burmese cyclone survivors, complaining that the Burmese government had seized some of the aid.


Burma blocks aid

The World's Matthew Bell reports on a debate in the international community on whether military force should be used to get more international aid into cyclone-devastated Myanmar.