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The Antlers

In the age of the download single, The Antlers had an unlikely hit with their 2009 album Hospice. The storyline is about coming to terms with the death of a friend. But the music isn't what you'd expect – it's not morose and spare, it's big and lush.

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History of royal diseases

The British royal family was once known for certain disorders like hemophilia and porphyria. Anchor Marco Werman talks with medicine geneticist Alan Rushton. Rushton is the author of "Royal Maladies: Inherited Diseases in the Royal Houses of Europe."

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Bhutan's tough tobacco laws

The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is tough on tobacco. There is a ban on smoking in public places and it is illegal to import or grow tobacco. As The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports, many Bhutanese are wondering if the government is going too far.