Hip Deep Ghana 2: 21st Century Accra from Gospel to Hiplife

Hiplife&#8211;a fusion of hip-hop and highlife&#8211;has come of age, spawning subgenres tilting to roots culture, international rap, and boldly humorous satire, not to mention azonto, a dance craze that has rocketed to global renown in just over a year. But ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Hip Deep Ghana 1: Ebo Taylor and the Pioneers of Afro-Funk

This Hip Deep edition, based on field work in Ghana, tells the story of how highlife turned into Afro-funk. Guitarist/composer/bandleader Ebo Taylor, at 77, is our principle guide, taking us to his hometown Saltpond to explore the roots of his ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Afropolitan Dreaming with Blitz The Ambassador

Blitz the Ambassador is one of the leading voices in the growing movement connecting the classic sound of American hip-hop with stories and musical traditions of Africa and the African diaspora. The title of his new album, Afropolitan Dreams (released ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Ghana to the Globe: E.L. Visits With Afropop in NYC

Ghanaian popular musician, rapper and producer E.L. (Elom Adablah) has achieved a significant following both locally in Ghana and through international circuits for his creative take on the ultra-popular dance music style known as azonto. He recently visited New York, ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Food For Thought

The Finger Lakes region of upstate New York is not generally known for producing great Afrobeat or roots reggae bands. However, there are several little-known, high-quality examples, and they hang tight together: Reggae band Mosaic Foundation, and their Afrobeat/Afro-reggae side project ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Joey B and Sarkodie Heat Up with “Tonga”

Although “Tonga” has been kicking around for a few months now, the song has yet to receive the love it deserves outside Ghana. However, within West Africa it definitely blew up, creating a bit of stir among the controversy-seeking media. ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>

Featured Artists: Winter 2014 Dance Party!

It&#8217;s Carnival right now in Trinidad, Haiti, Brazil, New Orleans&#8230;and  NYC, with Afropop Worldwide! In the words of Bootsy Collins, this week&#8217;s show, Winter 2014 Dance Party, &#8221;Ain&#8217;t nothin&#8217; but a party y&#8217;all.&#8221; So get down, get funky and shake a ...<a class="meta-nav" href=""> Read more &#187;</a>